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Made in Italy under continuous development for over 30 years, featuring top quality fittings for doors and windows.

Download free brochures, files, and catalogs dedicated to Fapim's most important products.

Certified quality, thanks to ISO 9001, Qualicoat, and Qualanod process-based quality labels, along with product-based marks obtained from the foremost European Institutes.

General catalog of our products with technical data sheets, all the finishes available and a list of related or equivalent products.

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  1. 16/09/13 Batimat 2013
    Fapim will attend Batimat 2013 to be held in Paris from 04 to 08 November 2011.

  1. Made Expo

    04/09/13 Made Expo 2013
    Fapim s.p.a. will be exhibiting at "Made Expo" that will be held in Milan from October 02- 05, 2013


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